Diamonds in the Rough / by maureen maniquis

We all have our stories to tell.  Some of our stories may be similar but like a rough diamond being cut into a shape these stories are multi-faceted.  We can have some of the very same experiences, such as often happens in families but our personalities and sensibilities respond to them differently. 

When diamonds are being cut into their various shapes the diamond cutter will often do their best to hide the flaws in the stone, which to the naked eye may be very effective, but under a jeweler’s loupe it is easily found.  In a way, we are all like rough diamonds that have been formed beneath by the pressure and weight of life bearing down upon us.  These various experiences we have from early childhood on begin to form us with our interests, our prejudices, our fears and insecurities and our perspectives on life.   Interestingly enough, it is only through eruptions in the earth’s crust that these diamonds rise up toward the surface to be mined.  And then there is still the process of mining them, the blasting and digging up to get to a valuable piece of rock for the cutter’s skilled hands. 

It’s often through our own personal-life “eruptions” that our flaws can become so evident to us.  The question remains how do we respond to these eruptions and the flaws they expose?  Do we allow them to rise up to the surface and yield them to the Cutter’s skilled hands or do we resist the intrusion into our heart’s crust?  Do we choose to be made into beauty by them or do we remain a rough rock?  A diamond in the rough has enormous potential in the right hands.  Each precision cut is designed to bring out the most beautiful reflection of light possible.  The cutter knows exactly which tools are required to make the cuts and how much pressure can be safely applied to the stone without breakage.  There is a process called “bruting” where two diamonds are set into spinning axles turning in opposite directions and set to grind against each other to shape each diamond into a round shape.  Have you ever felt like there was someone in your life scraping against you till you are raw?  Have you considered that they may be there to round you out; that another facet is being formed and perhaps beauty can come from this uncomfortable scraping?  The Cutter is wise and his hands are skilled and he has a passion for your beauty.  Diamonds come in many shapes and colors and there are no two alike.  Each stone is crafted according to its capacity to shine, each one is unique, each one is special and each one is beautiful. 

So, no matter what details have formed your story remember that it is not finished yet.  That diamond in the rough has much beauty yet to be displayed and you are still in the Cutter’s hands.   Trust his masterful work as the eruptions arise and know that you are being shaped and polished for brilliance.

“So, all of us who have had that veil removed can see and reflect the glory of the Lord.  And the Lord---who is the Spirit---makes us more and more like him as we are changed into his glorious image.   2 Cor.3 :18 NLT