Wonder / by maureen maniquis


I took a photo this morning of a breathtaking sunrise.  The early morning light was just beginning to peak over the horizon with its pink and orange hue.  There were these billowing dark clouds of purple and gray that hovered just above the horizon contrasting the brightness of the dawn as it began to transform the night sky.  I guess the word that comes to mind when the eye sees such beauty is “awe”.  How can a mere human not become awestruck at the magnificence of the ever changing rising of the sun?

I couldn’t help but wonder how often the average person observing this recurring beauty is moved to ponder the source of it.  Is it seen as just nature “doing its thing” beautifully or does it cause many to pause and reflect more deeply.  There is so much wonder in this world we call home.  How often do we give thanks to the One whose creative mind keeps us captivated with anticipation?  Have we been worshipping the Creator or the creation? 

I don’t want to lose my awe of God.  I don’t want to ignore the most beautiful mind in all existence.  Rather, I want to explore its shafts.  I want to burrow in deeper where the weighty substance thrives and propagates.  Just how does he mix his color palette?  How did he speak light into existence?  Why did he call my name and make me hear it?  Why did he put faith in my heart and claim me his?  There are so many questions for a curious mind. 

He has piqued my interest and drawn me nearer to his dwelling place.  His whispered Words echoes across the entryway as my feet find the steps.  I grab the railing to steady myself in these yet un-navigated passageways.  My eyes are not adjusted to the dim light down here so I must grope my way along, one step at a time.   Many others have mined these tunnels before me.  I’m not the only one who’s heard The Whisperer’s call.  I can see some writings on the walls—evidences of deep encounters of the glorious kind.  They encourage me along the way.  As my eyes begin to dilate the Words begin to resonate as though they were alive.  It’s as if they were coming off the wall in a sharp exaggerated bold dance.  I think I can hear some music deep within the cavern walls.  It sounds elegant and sacred, even ancient and I can’t take my eyes off the Words.  They’re so beautiful.  I think I’ll just stay here for a little while.  There’s no rush.  There’s quite a lot to ponder in the wonder of these first steps. 

“Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.”  Psalm 119:105 NLT