Reflections / by maureen maniquis


My heart is in need of filtering. Oh, on the surface it looks pretty clean. The eye is easily fooled from this perspective. From here it looks like a clear pool - still, smooth, deep and temperate. It’s only upon entering into the pool and dipping below the surface that I realize how murky and cloudy these waters really are.

On the surface, all that is really seen is the reflection of the beauty that surrounds it. The light from above reflects an artful image that penetrates the upper levels and superimposes its beauty. I am curious what lies in these depths but trepidation has me hovering between the levels of light and dark. It’s much safer to stay near the surface where I can navigate these familiar waters with self-confidence and independence. Yet, there is this compelling force that draws me down toward discovery. An intuitive sense that getting to the bottom of things brings cleansing and filtering it all takes work. But, how much more beautiful would the reflection become when the light can plumb the depths? How much richer would the colors become when all the layers are unhindered by the silted undergrowth?

The fears come when I have to ask these questions: how deep is this pool? How long will I have to hold my breath? Is this insane to attempt? Can I even make it to the bottom or will I drown in the process?

I find the answers when I recognize the voice of the compelling force.

“My heart has heard you say, “Come and talk with me.” And my heart responds, “Lord, I am  coming.”  Psalm 27:8